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Compaction works is completed after main cable spanning in the 3rd Bridge Project. Main cable diameter is compressed to 723 millimeters and fixed with steel arches.
Works continue after the main cable spanning operation, started after “catwalk” installation, in the 3rd Bridge Project by ICA on both European and Asian sides simultaneously.  Within the scope of the operations, 71.645 km of cables are spanned and main cable compaction is also completed. Main cable diameter is compacted to 723 millimeters and fixed with steel arches.
3. Bridge’s Main Cable Chief said “ In the main spam there are 113 ropes in north and south and in the back spam there are 122 ropes in north and south, in total.  In every cable, there are 127 iron wires with a diameter of 5.4 millimeters. 113 cables containing 127 wires have been spanned. After the completion of cable spanning in the main gap, 9 additional cables started to be spread. After cable spreading, spreading equipment on the catwalk and anchorage block started to be removed. At the same time, compaction – process of forming the main cable – preparations were made in the main gap. Main cable diameter is compacted to 723 millimeters and fixed with steel arches. Once the main cable compaction work is completed in the main gap, it has become possible to install the cable arches where suspension cables will be hanged. “
The officer, who has given information about the features of the main cable has also added: “The weight of the main cable is about 13.000 tons. The main cable will carry 17 of the steel decks, each of which have a weight of around 900 tons. For this carrying operation, the suspension cables that are connected to the main rope will also be used. In total, 68 suspension cables with approximately 170 tons of weight and 1700 Megapascal endurance will be used.”

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